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Twenty One Pilots

Clancy CD Journal

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Pre-order - released on: 5/17/2024

Our new album Clancy arrives May 17.
Read the Clancy story from its beginning. A collection of the clandestine diary of our protagonist. 60-page journal full of entries and photographs.

5”x8” journal, 60 pages, CD packaged in the front sleeve.

This CD journal is exclusive to the official store.

1. Overcompensate
2. Next Semester
3. Backslide
4. Midwest Indigo
5. Routines In The Night
6. Vignette
7. The Craving (Jenna’s Version)
8. Lavish
9. Navigating
10. Snap Back
11. Oldies Station
12. At The Risk Of Feeling Dumb
13. Paladin Strait

*Please note this is a pre-order.

Limited to 4 per person.